Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Year in Days: November 2009

In November, you might remember, I tried to post every single day. So there was a lot to choose from. My brother Colin who had been living with us for a while moved to Hawaii (we miss him!), and my other brother Gaelen showed up a few days later coming from Hawaii. It was fun having him around for a while. An important new thing this month was that Noah started to eat solid food! We loved this photo of his first bite of butternut squash. It soooo wasn't what he had in mind.

We went on a big trip to Vermont for Thanksgiving. It was chilly, but fun to bundle up. Vermont would be a great place to live with little kids. The towns are so small and it feels just like a story book. Noah loved my dad, he would sit there playing with him for hours.

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gordon uncle-in-law said...

we enjoyeded these in santa cruz kkeeeppptthem coming thanks