Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Year in Days: February 2010

February was a very good month. Dennis and Lisa came and we all went to the Renaissance Festival. We had such a great time, I can't wait until next year!

Less than a week later, my dad and Vince came and stayed for a week and remodeled our kitchen. It is amazing. I still appreciate it every single day. Counter space and a dishwasher... who could ask for more? (If you missed the kitchen photos, click here)

As if that wasn't enough, we went to Flagstaff and saw the huge amounts of snow that feel this year. Noah did not love sledding, but we loved the photos.

Doing this blog post series is making the year seem like it went by even faster. February already! And, just a few days until I have a 1-year-old child living in my house. What an adventure!

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Summer said...

Noah is so precious! What great blue eyes! I LOVE the pictures you took of Lousia and Sean's wedding, BTW. And, it's fun to see pictures of your parents--I haven't seen them in years and years. :)