Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk Soup

We took Tasha's wonderful idea of "stone soup" and ran with it. After a while the stones were replaced with the sidewalk chalk, which Noah has been fascinated with for a while. It turns out that sidewalk chalk are fun to put in the soup. The bubble and hiss when you put them in the water, and when you take them out, the colors are much more vibrant. After watching me color for a while, Noah really caught on to the idea of coloring with the chalk. It's amazing how fast he is learning things lately. He says "kitty" pretty clearly now; "hi" "bye-bye" and some other things. he babbles a lot as though telling me whole stories. We've been really having some fun together.


Amy said...

Looks like baby soup to me! That photo is delightful.

Chris said...

I don't recall thinking about him being IN the clear tub when we bought it!

glo said...

Exploring the world - so many discoveries to make. What fun!