Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Words

I know I didn't do a 1 year milestones post. There are just so many things that are new. For now, I'll just mention a few.

In the past couple of weeks Noah has been really imitating a lot of our speech sounds. He says "kitty" pretty well now. He waves and says "hi" in a way that almost startles people because they don't expect to hear it so clearly. He also says "cheese" although that one is still in the only mom can understand it phase. Yesterday though, we were playing with a little ball outside and Noah said "ball" for the first time. Here is a video (with some prompting to show off this new skill):

Other new things:
- Naps have been getting longer. Hooray! More than two hours a couple of times.

- The fear of people other than mama is dissipating (although a trip to the doctor yesterday didn't help with that)

- The attachment to daddy is increasing. In fact, Noah has happily spent the better part of a couple of days at school with Chris while daycare is closed this week.

- We have been getting more adventurous with food. Noah has tried chicken curry, pizza, indian food, squash blossom quesadillas, cupcakes, and a whole lot more. He was skeptical for a while, but has recently been excited to try most things


Xochi Mama said...

I love this video. He is so proud of himself!

Louisa said...

That's amazing! I can't believe how clearly he says ball. I never heard him say that before.

glo said...

Ball was your first word! I can't wait to see you soon. Love you!