Monday, May 3, 2010

A Friend Turns 1

Over the weekend we went to Noah's friend Eva's 1st birthday party. It was only about an hour long (nap time, you know). It was fun, except Noah seems to take about an hour to warm up to new surroundings. He was ready to play just before it was time to leave. It was a swimming party, which was really cute. Noah didn't seem to like the swimming as much as I expected, although he did love those rings.

Singing the birthday song and cutting the birthday cake were fascinating.

Eva did NOT like the cake. She actually made gagging sounds. Noah thought his bite was pretty tasty!

Amazingly, Noah seemed to be okay with wearing this party hat. He looks amazed and bewildered at the whole birthday party tradition. Don't you think? He loved the pile of presents and toys part though!

Sara and Jason were in our birth class. I can hardly believe their tiny baby girl is now one year old, and our tiny baby boy is getting so close. I wonder if we should try swimming at Noah's party...

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