Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brief Interruption from the Present: Craft Week

We've been getting really crafty around here this week and I couldn't wait until the "year in days" was over to share some of these. Noah finger-painted his own birthday party invitations. I thought he might get some paint on him, but I had no idea that he was already such a rebel that he wanted to dye his hair green and blue...

Check out those teeth in the photo above.

He ripped the main piece of paper in half, but the invitations with his handprints on them turned out really cute (sorry I forgot to take a picture of those).

Chris has been making really cool earrings out of bike parts (if you haven't already seen them, click here to see some photos on his blog). I'm surprised by how many he's made already. He's turning out to be quite the crafter.

Also, I've been working on my own project. It's sort of a surprise so this is just a preview. I can't show you the whole thing yet.

The sewing machine is in use again and I'm learning to use it for applique. I'm super excited about it and I already have a long list of projects planned. I just have to find the time to finish this one first. Anyone want to babysit? :)

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JoAnne said...

Your craft project already looks beautiful!

Noah reminds me so much of his uncle Galen in that second photo - maybe it's those beautiful blue eyes. Do you suppose that pretty blue hair makes his eyes look bluer???