Monday, May 31, 2010

1-year-old toys

New toys for a one-year-old boy, that is.

In the past month or so, Noah has been really interested in new things. He got some great new toys for his birthday, a needed replacement for some of the baby toys that have really lost their luster. Rattles? That's no fun. What do they do? Now he has a farm house, some puzzles, musical drums, and many more exciting new things. We also used some money that some nice grandparents sent us to buy this awesome turtle-shaped sandbox for the front porch, and some refrigerator magnets to start teaching Noah about math equations (well, what do you expect? His dad is a math teacher).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Words

I know I didn't do a 1 year milestones post. There are just so many things that are new. For now, I'll just mention a few.

In the past couple of weeks Noah has been really imitating a lot of our speech sounds. He says "kitty" pretty well now. He waves and says "hi" in a way that almost startles people because they don't expect to hear it so clearly. He also says "cheese" although that one is still in the only mom can understand it phase. Yesterday though, we were playing with a little ball outside and Noah said "ball" for the first time. Here is a video (with some prompting to show off this new skill):

Other new things:
- Naps have been getting longer. Hooray! More than two hours a couple of times.

- The fear of people other than mama is dissipating (although a trip to the doctor yesterday didn't help with that)

- The attachment to daddy is increasing. In fact, Noah has happily spent the better part of a couple of days at school with Chris while daycare is closed this week.

- We have been getting more adventurous with food. Noah has tried chicken curry, pizza, indian food, squash blossom quesadillas, cupcakes, and a whole lot more. He was skeptical for a while, but has recently been excited to try most things

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Noah!

I know it's a couple days past the birthday, but this has been a BUSY weekend! We had the birthday party on Friday evening, left for a camping trip Saturday morning, came back for a brunch party on Sunday morning, and now here we are.

The birthday party turned out great. We were a little late getting to the park to set up, but after that everything went perfectly. Noah was much more interested in carrot sticks that cupcakes, but I wasn't too disappointed about that.

We couldn't get the candle to light because of the breeze, but Noah loved having everyone there sing to him. Overall, it was a fun party and he really enjoyed it.

Camping is one of Noah's most favorite things in the world, he discovered. Crawling in the dirt, listening to the wind in the trees, playing with other kids, sleeping outside. We'll have to do it a lot more this summer.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Year in Days: April 2010

Since April was pretty recent I thought I'd post some photos you didn't see before instead of reposting. Noah is getting pretty adventurous these days. Here he is trying a lemon.

Despite this reaction, he really wanted to keep tasting the lemon.

A Year in Days: March 2010

Well, I missed yesterday. It's sort of fitting though I think, since I missed Noah's 10 month post by about seven days. I guess the tenth month of his life just flew by. We went on a couple of trips in March, a lot of time in the carseat. Luckily this sweet little boy has always been great on road trips.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Year in Days: February 2010

February was a very good month. Dennis and Lisa came and we all went to the Renaissance Festival. We had such a great time, I can't wait until next year!

Less than a week later, my dad and Vince came and stayed for a week and remodeled our kitchen. It is amazing. I still appreciate it every single day. Counter space and a dishwasher... who could ask for more? (If you missed the kitchen photos, click here)

As if that wasn't enough, we went to Flagstaff and saw the huge amounts of snow that feel this year. Noah did not love sledding, but we loved the photos.

Doing this blog post series is making the year seem like it went by even faster. February already! And, just a few days until I have a 1-year-old child living in my house. What an adventure!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Year in Days: January 2010

In January I went back to work part-time, and Noah started going to day-care. It was so hard for us to be apart, and even harder for me to think about leaving him with strangers. I cried quite a bit at the beginning, but overall I think it's been a positive transition for us. Noah is much more comfortable around other kids that he was before, and I appreciate some "adult" time some days. Maybe we appreciate each other more this way.
Other firsts in January: First teeth, first illness, first time saying "Mama"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Year in Days: December 2009

December was a big month. First trip to the beach. Santa Cruz for Christmas. First Christmas. A super long road trip which Noah did great on. Meeting Santa Claus. Maybe a little too young to appreciate Santa Claus...

Everything else about Christmas is awe-inspiring for a baby though. The lights, the colors, the shiny ornaments, the wrapping paper. Noah also started saying "Da-da" around Christmas day, which was very exciting.

(Sorry about posting so late today, in case you were checking earlier. We went on a day trip to Bisbee and just got home. We had a great day visiting my friend Juliana's family. We always love going down there and walking up and down the old stairs. Plus, the homemade chicken curry definitely made the trip worth it :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brief Interruption from the Present: Craft Week

We've been getting really crafty around here this week and I couldn't wait until the "year in days" was over to share some of these. Noah finger-painted his own birthday party invitations. I thought he might get some paint on him, but I had no idea that he was already such a rebel that he wanted to dye his hair green and blue...

Check out those teeth in the photo above.

He ripped the main piece of paper in half, but the invitations with his handprints on them turned out really cute (sorry I forgot to take a picture of those).

Chris has been making really cool earrings out of bike parts (if you haven't already seen them, click here to see some photos on his blog). I'm surprised by how many he's made already. He's turning out to be quite the crafter.

Also, I've been working on my own project. It's sort of a surprise so this is just a preview. I can't show you the whole thing yet.

The sewing machine is in use again and I'm learning to use it for applique. I'm super excited about it and I already have a long list of projects planned. I just have to find the time to finish this one first. Anyone want to babysit? :)

A Year in Days: November 2009

In November, you might remember, I tried to post every single day. So there was a lot to choose from. My brother Colin who had been living with us for a while moved to Hawaii (we miss him!), and my other brother Gaelen showed up a few days later coming from Hawaii. It was fun having him around for a while. An important new thing this month was that Noah started to eat solid food! We loved this photo of his first bite of butternut squash. It soooo wasn't what he had in mind.

We went on a big trip to Vermont for Thanksgiving. It was chilly, but fun to bundle up. Vermont would be a great place to live with little kids. The towns are so small and it feels just like a story book. Noah loved my dad, he would sit there playing with him for hours.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Year in Days: October 2009

In October we decided that it was time to buy a new Toyota (sewing machine, that is...). I made Noah this little teddy bear costume that he absolutely loved, as you can see from the photo.

We bought pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns. We seem to be the kind of parents who don't really care whether our child is interested in holidays and kids' activities, we just use the fact that we have a child as an excuse to participate in all the fun things that we enjoy doing. At this stage Noah was an excellent model. He would almost always smile for the camera (except of course for the halloween costume photo :)
We actually made two different trips to Bisbee in October. One with Dennis and Lisa, and the next one for a whole weekend to visit my friend Juliana's family. We really love it down there, especially this little market/coffee shop. We're super excited to be heading down there for a day this weekend to visit Juliana and her family again. This time I bet Noah will be wanting to do a little stair climbing.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Year in Days: September 2009

In September, Noah learned how to fix bikes...
He also learned how to sit up on his own, which seemed so huge at the time. It's amazing how much has changed since then.
(For example: a couple of days ago I was sitting on the couch talking on the phone while Noah played on the floor. In one totally effortless motion, he used my foot as a step and climbed right up onto the couch. Oh wow! I couldn't believe he made it up there, and so fast! And then... "hey, wait a minute, you had a diaper on a minute ago..." That's right, he took off his diaper and then expertly climbed up onto the couch. The days of being able to set him on the floor and have him just stay there are long gone.)
He got his own room and bed (which he did not sleep in, and was eventually sort of taken apart).
And I became an expert at all things baby related... you might say, I got my black belt. Remember this example from September? (you can read the entire post here)
The moment I opened the diaper in happened. Pee somehow completely bypassed the diaper and squirted all over the front of my shirt, all over the changing table and all over the wall. In the midst of my trying ineffectively to keep the pee contained I forgot that I had already opened the container of cornstarch. Noah expertly kicked it over and had it all over his legs and feet by the time I could even react.
Clearly, I was a master.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Year in Days: August 2009

In August Noah went on his first camping trip. He loved (and still loves) being outside. We need to do a lot more camping!

He learned about bikes and why we had so many bike tires.

Another thing that happened in August was that our good friends, Adam, Amy, June & baby Miles moved away from Tucson. We were sad to see them go and we sure miss them. Tucson isn't going to be the same this summer without them wanting to go to Epic with us at the crack of dawn.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Year in Days: July 2009

In July we made our first really long roadtrip: Albuquerque and then Amarillo. Noah was the sweetest little traveler. I sat in the back seat with him most of the time and he slept like you wouldn't believe. We were very spoiled.

First time swimming in grandma Patti's pool. He loved splashing so much and didn't mind at all when water splattered into his eyes.

There were lots of smiles. We spent the mornings laying around playing baby games. He always woke up so happy and sweet.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Year in Days: June 2009

In June we went on our first family road trip to Flagstaff. It was chilly (for us Tucsonans) and we got to bundle up.

We had visits from my lots of grandparents (and an aunt) and just enjoyed the summer with our new little one as he started to become more aware of the world and we got used to the idea of having a new housemate.

Remember this? The baby to the left of Noah (not the one he's kissing) is Eva, whose birthday party we just went to.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Year in Days (Explanation)

This wonderful idea was borrowed (with permission) from my friend Amy's blog. She started it before her daughter June's 1st birthday and I really loved the idea. I'll do a post for each month of Noah's first year for the 12 days leading up to his birthday. It seems really sweet and fitting that the first post falls on my first mother's day.

A year in days:: May 2009

The month that our sweet little Noah was born. After many days of waiting; counting down, and then counting back up again. We couldn't believe there was a new person coming to live with us in our house. We just sat staring at him for hours saying, "he lives here. He doesn't have any other home. He lives with us. Wow."

His tiny feet were still wrinkled and the dry Tucson heat dried his poor newborn skin. One of my favorite things about him was the way his shoulders were covered in fuzzy blond hair.

We had visits from many proud grandparents and aunts and uncles in May, coming to welcome the new family member. I just can't believe it was a whole year ago.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk Soup

We took Tasha's wonderful idea of "stone soup" and ran with it. After a while the stones were replaced with the sidewalk chalk, which Noah has been fascinated with for a while. It turns out that sidewalk chalk are fun to put in the soup. The bubble and hiss when you put them in the water, and when you take them out, the colors are much more vibrant. After watching me color for a while, Noah really caught on to the idea of coloring with the chalk. It's amazing how fast he is learning things lately. He says "kitty" pretty clearly now; "hi" "bye-bye" and some other things. he babbles a lot as though telling me whole stories. We've been really having some fun together.