Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tucson Garden Wedding

Louisa and Sean's wedding was beautiful. I had no idea what a great idea it is to leave the country for a year and let your family plan and implement a wedding for you. They did an amazing job. I don't think a year of crazy bride planning could have come close.
We have a lot more photos than usual from this wedding because Chris and I were official photographers (although I didn't take many of the ceremony, since it's a little bit of a challenge to be bridesmaid/photographer, at least for that part). Chris and I made a good team though, and got so many that I had a hard time deciding what to post here.
First of all, the flowers were incredible. The bright colors really made this outdoor wedding look spectacular.

I loved the crepe paper pompoms that hung from the trees. And you couldn't ask for better lighting.

The best part of this wedding was just how happy the bride and groom were. It was so easy to take portraits with them.

The photo above is a Maori greeting that was part of the wedding ceremony. Lou and Sean did this, and then invited their guests to do the same. It was really neat to see everyone sharing a little intimate moment.

Noah was a trooper. So were my mom and Ron, who were in charge of keeping him entertained while Chris and I took all these pictures. He also loved this necklace. (Side note: If you want Noah to like you, wear a really cool necklace that you don't mind getting covered with drool.)

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