Friday, April 16, 2010

Out for a Crawl

This video was actually from a week or two ago, so it's a little outdated. The slow crawler you see here is now a speedy, curious, climbing whirlwind who is teaching us a very valuable lesson in the impossible nature of "childproofing" one's house. Anyway, childproofing the house aside, this little boy makes a b-line for the door whenever it opens. Anyone want a challenge? How about childproofing a yard in which these unknowing tucsonans decided to plant a crowded patch of cactus and agave as a pretty backyard garden and then decided, "hey, maybe we should have a baby". Hmm.


Xochi Mama said...

We did that too! Luckily the new house was already landscaped for the child friendly.

Patti said...

Who was teaching who to crawl. Chris kept looking back, I thought to make sure he was crawling correctly. :)

JoAnne said...

What a cutie. Maybe you should move to east Texas - we don't have cactus!