Saturday, April 17, 2010

Noah's Garden

Remember what I said about childproofing the backyard? Well, we're not pulling the cactus bed out (yet), but our side yard is becoming a nice little baby garden with a lot of help from our residents wwoofers (Sean and Lou). Yesterday while Chris and I were at work they weeded and cleared this area around the tree and garden bed. They also made a little pathway of pavers and arranged tile around the edge. Today Lou and I went to the store and picked out plants that seemed kid friendly. Colorful, soft, touchable, and not too fragile. Lou did the bulk of the planting while I helped with, um, taking pictures... We have some more work to do, but Noah loves it already.

Sean and Lou have also been baking fresh sourdough bread every other day, helping us clean the kitchen, cooking, entertaining Noah, and all around being excellent guest house residents. We're hoping they decide to move in :)


glo said...

Nice garden - how nice to have such talented house guests!

Louisa said...

Believe me, the pleasure is all ours! We are loving spending so much time with some of our favorite friends and having an appreciative audience for our adventures in baking :)