Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting our feet wet


It was hot in Tucson today. Only about 90 degrees, so we shouldn't be saying it's really hot yet, but we have to get used to it before we can tolerate the hotter weather. So, when Noah was crying and crying to get outside today, I decided to use his love for the hose as a fun outdoor activity. We had great fun creating a puddle on the concrete and splashing in it. I highly recommend this activity if you have kids in Tucson and have to make it through the summer.


natasha said...

Looks like fun! I should have explained more when I told you that Noah and I "made rock soup" on Monday. What I meant was that I filled up a huge bowl with water and gave him a handful of river rocks. He was entertained for at least half an hour by putting the rocks in the water and then fishing them out, with a lot of splashing in the process. Loads of fun...and another idea in case the puddle on the sidewalk idea gets too monotonous. :)

emery_rose said...

Tasha - That's a great idea! I think he brought one of the rocks home with him, he liked it so much. I will definitely have to try it. Thanks for the tip!