Sunday, April 25, 2010

For the Love of Hoses and Noodles

There's no real relationship between Noah's love for the garden hose and his enjoyment of chow mein noodles this evening, except that I happened to capture them both on film in the same day. The garden hose thing has been going on for a while. This morning after breakfast the back door was open, and this was how far he'd gotten by the time I chased him outside.

In the evening, we sat outside and watered the garden. Noah got a little muddy. He cried when I brought him in for a bath even though it was past seven already. He can't seem to get enough of being outside, runny nose or not. See those little squash plants we put in?

In addition to his dinner this evening we let Noah try a few chow mein noodles from our (MSG free) Chinese food. He loved it.

At first it was difficult to get the noodle into his mouth but he mastered it fast. I was impressed.

Overall this was a very good Sunday. Chris did a lot of homework and Noah and I ran errands and enjoyed a day off without any illness. Louisa and Sean left today for a while so we'll be missing all the company. Anyone want to come visit?

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Amy said...

I want to visit!