Wednesday, April 21, 2010

11 Months

We finished out Noah's tenth month with a trip to the emergency room and a night in the hospital for viral pneumonia. Poor little Noah had to be attached to monitors and have an IV, oxygen and treatments to open his airways. He's been having bad seasonal allergies and somehow it turned into more than his little immune system could handle. We came home yesterday afternoon and he's been doing pretty well today. I don't think he had ever been so happy to be back home. I was totally unprepared for an overnight stay in the hospital. I've been so lucky in my life so far that this was the first time I had ever stayed overnight in the hospital. I have to admit, I was a very poor sport about it and my sweet husband had to bear seeing his baby attached to all those monitors and being poked and prodded and his wife crying and complaining all the while.

We came home and immediately decided it was time to buy a good vacuum. The house feels sooo much cleaner today.

This month has been a fun one, other than the allergies. Noah learned to really crawl, and as soon as he did, he seemed to see the world in a whole new way. He's become an explorer, a climber, a curious little person who keeps us on our toes.
Milestones this month:

- Crawling, the biggest one. I was starting to wonder if he would ever start, and now he is quite an expert

- Climbing up on anything and everything, whether or not it can support his 20 pounds

- Waving consistently, both hello and goodbye

- Saying kitty (or at least attempting to say it, I might be the only one who can really hear it)

- Moving around the house, up to the couch, across the couch, back down to the floor, into the next room, opening a drawer... you get the idea

So many others. Lots of words that he tries to say. He loves to sing and dance and play drums and maracas. He loves to clap his hands along with a rhythm. One of our favorite dinner games is for Chris and I to clap our hands to a rhythm. Noah gets so into it. Clapping is a whole body movement.

I can't believe he'll be one year old a month from today. I'm not even close to ready for my little baby to become a toddler, and I don't just mean the walking. I mean how can it possibly be that having a baby goes by this quickly?


JoAnne said...

Happy 11 Month Birthday Noah. I'm so sorry you were so sick, but very happy that you're home from the hospital and getting better.

natasha said...

I'm so glad you only had to stay one night in the hospital and that Noah is better now. What a scare! I think I would have been crying and complaining too! xo