Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting our feet wet


It was hot in Tucson today. Only about 90 degrees, so we shouldn't be saying it's really hot yet, but we have to get used to it before we can tolerate the hotter weather. So, when Noah was crying and crying to get outside today, I decided to use his love for the hose as a fun outdoor activity. We had great fun creating a puddle on the concrete and splashing in it. I highly recommend this activity if you have kids in Tucson and have to make it through the summer.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

For the Love of Hoses and Noodles

There's no real relationship between Noah's love for the garden hose and his enjoyment of chow mein noodles this evening, except that I happened to capture them both on film in the same day. The garden hose thing has been going on for a while. This morning after breakfast the back door was open, and this was how far he'd gotten by the time I chased him outside.

In the evening, we sat outside and watered the garden. Noah got a little muddy. He cried when I brought him in for a bath even though it was past seven already. He can't seem to get enough of being outside, runny nose or not. See those little squash plants we put in?

In addition to his dinner this evening we let Noah try a few chow mein noodles from our (MSG free) Chinese food. He loved it.

At first it was difficult to get the noodle into his mouth but he mastered it fast. I was impressed.

Overall this was a very good Sunday. Chris did a lot of homework and Noah and I ran errands and enjoyed a day off without any illness. Louisa and Sean left today for a while so we'll be missing all the company. Anyone want to come visit?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finally Feeling Better

Noah seemed to be feeling much better on Thursday when we went to the pediatrician for his follow-up appointment. Until we arrived, that is, and discovered that most of his body was covered with a rash that turned out to be (probably) virus related hives. This morning I finally breathed a sigh of relief to hear normal breathing AND see that the hives had all disappeared overnight. This was a long week for us.
Fortunately my mom was able to come down on Wednesday to help. Between her and Louisa and Sean we felt very well taken care of. We also got some spring cleaning done with our new vacuum. I can't believe the amount of dust that came up when we got a vacuum that really worked!! (I might have mentioned this already, but wow!)
Anyway, things are finally getting back to normal. Here are a few photos of little Noah from the week. I didn't take any in the hospital, so these are just from before and after.

On Sunday Noah and I went with our friends, Sara and Eva, to the Botanical Garden. Noah was already feeling pretty fussy and crappy so we didn't stay long, but I had no idea how sick he was.

Our favorite part of the garden is this wall of tiles shaped like fruits that has water trickling down it. It's fun and cools you off just enough. Plus, it's good for holding onto and pretending you can walk...

Noah enjoyed spending some time with his Nana, reading and relaxing for the first couple of days.

Today he was feeling much better and back to making new and exciting discoveries.

Keep your fingers crossed for us that we have some healthy times ahead! And thanks everyone for all the support. We've felt very loved.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

11 Months

We finished out Noah's tenth month with a trip to the emergency room and a night in the hospital for viral pneumonia. Poor little Noah had to be attached to monitors and have an IV, oxygen and treatments to open his airways. He's been having bad seasonal allergies and somehow it turned into more than his little immune system could handle. We came home yesterday afternoon and he's been doing pretty well today. I don't think he had ever been so happy to be back home. I was totally unprepared for an overnight stay in the hospital. I've been so lucky in my life so far that this was the first time I had ever stayed overnight in the hospital. I have to admit, I was a very poor sport about it and my sweet husband had to bear seeing his baby attached to all those monitors and being poked and prodded and his wife crying and complaining all the while.

We came home and immediately decided it was time to buy a good vacuum. The house feels sooo much cleaner today.

This month has been a fun one, other than the allergies. Noah learned to really crawl, and as soon as he did, he seemed to see the world in a whole new way. He's become an explorer, a climber, a curious little person who keeps us on our toes.
Milestones this month:

- Crawling, the biggest one. I was starting to wonder if he would ever start, and now he is quite an expert

- Climbing up on anything and everything, whether or not it can support his 20 pounds

- Waving consistently, both hello and goodbye

- Saying kitty (or at least attempting to say it, I might be the only one who can really hear it)

- Moving around the house, up to the couch, across the couch, back down to the floor, into the next room, opening a drawer... you get the idea

So many others. Lots of words that he tries to say. He loves to sing and dance and play drums and maracas. He loves to clap his hands along with a rhythm. One of our favorite dinner games is for Chris and I to clap our hands to a rhythm. Noah gets so into it. Clapping is a whole body movement.

I can't believe he'll be one year old a month from today. I'm not even close to ready for my little baby to become a toddler, and I don't just mean the walking. I mean how can it possibly be that having a baby goes by this quickly?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Noah's Garden

Remember what I said about childproofing the backyard? Well, we're not pulling the cactus bed out (yet), but our side yard is becoming a nice little baby garden with a lot of help from our residents wwoofers (Sean and Lou). Yesterday while Chris and I were at work they weeded and cleared this area around the tree and garden bed. They also made a little pathway of pavers and arranged tile around the edge. Today Lou and I went to the store and picked out plants that seemed kid friendly. Colorful, soft, touchable, and not too fragile. Lou did the bulk of the planting while I helped with, um, taking pictures... We have some more work to do, but Noah loves it already.

Sean and Lou have also been baking fresh sourdough bread every other day, helping us clean the kitchen, cooking, entertaining Noah, and all around being excellent guest house residents. We're hoping they decide to move in :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Out for a Crawl

This video was actually from a week or two ago, so it's a little outdated. The slow crawler you see here is now a speedy, curious, climbing whirlwind who is teaching us a very valuable lesson in the impossible nature of "childproofing" one's house. Anyway, childproofing the house aside, this little boy makes a b-line for the door whenever it opens. Anyone want a challenge? How about childproofing a yard in which these unknowing tucsonans decided to plant a crowded patch of cactus and agave as a pretty backyard garden and then decided, "hey, maybe we should have a baby". Hmm.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wildflower Sweetspot

We went for a little hike with my mom and Ron last weekend (I guess you're getting used to me being behind by now, eh?). They've been looking for good wildflower hikes all season, but this one was an unexpected jackpot! I went back a few days later with my friend Susan because we'd been wanting to go hiking with our babies and this was finally enough of a motivator.

Have you ever taken an outdoor bath? We highly recommend it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunset Cliffs Wedding

This weekend was our third wedding of the season. The last one for a while. It was completely different from the other two, and also amazingly beautiful. The really neat thing about this one was how formal all the coast guard officers in their formal uniforms made it feel. John and Trine had to kiss to pass through each pair of lowered swords. Having the ceremony on the cliffs overlooking the ocean was gorgeous (I didn't get a good photo of it though, because I was standing in the far back with a less-than-cooperative baby).

Chris was the only groomsmen not in uniform, but we thought his linen suit and white tie combo turned out really nice. At the reception (located in the beautiful courtyard of an old naval training center), table assignments were in categories like "hiking", "backpacking", "biking", etc. John and Trine are really outdoorsy. We were at the hiking table.

The little starfish stamp was a really clever way to tie everything together. They appeared on the invitations, the welcome gift bags, the name cards, and in other little details. I also loved the color scheme for a springtime beach wedding.

The father-daughter and mother-son dances were surprisingly emotional. I liked this photo of John dancing with his mom.

I can't even tell you how much we enjoyed having a little weekend getaway by the ocean, hanging out with Chris' mom and all of John and Trine's families. We loved San Diego, much more than I thought we would. We'll have to go back and spend a little more time with John and Trine sometime soon.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tucson Garden Wedding

Louisa and Sean's wedding was beautiful. I had no idea what a great idea it is to leave the country for a year and let your family plan and implement a wedding for you. They did an amazing job. I don't think a year of crazy bride planning could have come close.
We have a lot more photos than usual from this wedding because Chris and I were official photographers (although I didn't take many of the ceremony, since it's a little bit of a challenge to be bridesmaid/photographer, at least for that part). Chris and I made a good team though, and got so many that I had a hard time deciding what to post here.
First of all, the flowers were incredible. The bright colors really made this outdoor wedding look spectacular.

I loved the crepe paper pompoms that hung from the trees. And you couldn't ask for better lighting.

The best part of this wedding was just how happy the bride and groom were. It was so easy to take portraits with them.

The photo above is a Maori greeting that was part of the wedding ceremony. Lou and Sean did this, and then invited their guests to do the same. It was really neat to see everyone sharing a little intimate moment.

Noah was a trooper. So were my mom and Ron, who were in charge of keeping him entertained while Chris and I took all these pictures. He also loved this necklace. (Side note: If you want Noah to like you, wear a really cool necklace that you don't mind getting covered with drool.)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Noah's first Easter was a nice long relaxing day for us (well, not really for Chris who does homework all the time). My mom and I went to get breakfast and dinner groceries early this morning and found our beautiful Easter bouquet. We also got eggs to dye because I love having those colorful eggs around. Noah wasn't really into it. He thought throwing the eggs on the floor was a better idea.a

He did enjoy the plastic eggs that I filled with cheerios though.

I have lots of photos from Louisa and Sean's amazingly beautiful wedding, but I have to sort through them all before I can post the few greatests here. Also (I'm a little behind) Noah is a real crawling now, finally. I'll be posting some videos here also. Stay tuned :)