Sunday, March 7, 2010


This Kazoo is a favorite toy in our house at the moment. Noah is getting good at making the funny noises himself, but what he really enjoys is holding it up for me to blow into. It makes him giggle every time.

We have some new teeth coming in around here. It makes for some painful days for this little one. Hopefully they'll break through soon.

Notice the teething biscuit held like a cigar in the last one. Plus, I promised I show you the little curls that are starting to show up on the back of Noah's head. He's grown quite a bit more hair in the past month or two.

I love this new little habit. The tongue sticking out is a sign of intense concentration. Eating peas is serious business.

We went for a play day at a friend's house last week. Noah enjoyed playing with his little friend Scarlett, especially kicking their feet in the rocks beside the pool. We'll be playing with these friends a lot this summer I bet!

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natasha said...

Just when I thought he couldn't get any cuter! He even makes slobber and smashed peas look cute! And I love seeing him with his little friend - she's such a beautiful baby too!