Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home on the Range

We're headed to Texas tomorrow (on a 5:20 AM flight... ouch). Chris' little sister Amy is getting married on Saturday and we're very excited to be at the wedding and have a little vacation. We'll be gone for about a week. Noah must be able to sense that we'll be in Texas soon, because he's developed a love for this little jack-in-the-box. It plays Home on the Range until you hear the sound of a horse, and then a horse pops out without the jarring adrenaline rush of a traditional jack-in-the-box. My grandma gave it to Noah when he was just teeny, but he finally appreciates it. He hasn't really figured out how to turn the handle, but he does like to chew on it.


Chris said...

Home, Home on the Plains.
Where the wind blows all damn day.
It smells like cow turds,
and is full of the absurd,
but its a place I call home either way!

Sage said...

Emery, is that a little red head I see? Or is it just the color of the light?! xoxoxo BESOS!

Xochi Mama said...

I wanted to get a jack in the box for Eva but the popping at the end of the song made me jump too much!