Friday, March 26, 2010

Dripping Springs Wedding

I'm way behind on posting. Chris needed to bring his computer on this trip, so my trusty macbook was left at home. I rarely have the drive to try to post on any other computer. Anyway... We're having a wonderful time in Texas this week. I have several posts, but I'll start with this one from last Saturday. Chris' little sister, Amy, got married outside of Austin in a little town called dripping springs (actually, outside of dripping springs in the middle of nowhere) at a beautiful ranch called Vista West. It was cold and windy the day of the wedding so the outdoor plans we rearranged. It turned out beautiful anyway.

Noah loved the beautiful flowers. The thistles were my favorite, but I love how colorful they were.

The cakes were all arranged on tree stumps for a rustic, yet elegant presentation.

I love the idea of having sparklers instead of rice (or birdseed, or whatever).

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natasha said...

What a beautiful wedding! Love Amy's hair style and dress - and the rustic elegance of the whole affair. And Noah looks so handsome!