Monday, March 29, 2010

10 months (and 7 days)

So I'm a week late. This is a ten month, seven day update. Our little boy has been changing quite a lot this month. Some milestones:

- Finally saying "Mama" very clearly and consistenly.

- Crawling, still not a super fast crawl, but it's there.

- Pulling himself up. This one is trouble when it happens to be in the bathtub.

- Mastering using his thumb and forefinger to eat small pieces of food. Used only for eating "puffs" (a version of cheerios). He'll eat almost anything from a spoon, but anything besides puffs that is placed on the tray goes directly onto the floor (including actual cheerios).

He is also understanding so much of what we say, and starting to imitate our inflection and gestures. I'm amazed by how many things he understands.
Music and musical instruments are his favorite toys. He loves to dance and see other people dancing. He's grown out of many pairs of pants all of a sudden in the last week. And oh yeah, he has some hair!

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glo said...

Amazing changes, I can't wait to see you all - and beautiful pictures from the wedding and your trip.