Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A visit to the Suburbanite Farmer

My friend Sara who blogs over at The Suburbanite Farmer had us over for a visit on Sunday. We had a great time walking with her and little Eva to the playground. It was the first time I let Noah crawl around in the grass. He was amazed. I was also amazed that he didn't try to eat more than a few pieces.

I knew Sara was into food and gardening, but I didn't expect to come home with fresh eggs from her chickens and homemade pear sauce, apple sauce, and apple butter! Thanks Sara!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Family Resemblance

I've been thinking that Noah looked a lot like me lately, but Chris' mom showed me this photo and I couldn't believe how much Noah looks like that. Even that hair color!

We tried to get the high chair, but I think the photo below actually shows the facial expression and hair better.

10 months (and 7 days)

So I'm a week late. This is a ten month, seven day update. Our little boy has been changing quite a lot this month. Some milestones:

- Finally saying "Mama" very clearly and consistenly.

- Crawling, still not a super fast crawl, but it's there.

- Pulling himself up. This one is trouble when it happens to be in the bathtub.

- Mastering using his thumb and forefinger to eat small pieces of food. Used only for eating "puffs" (a version of cheerios). He'll eat almost anything from a spoon, but anything besides puffs that is placed on the tray goes directly onto the floor (including actual cheerios).

He is also understanding so much of what we say, and starting to imitate our inflection and gestures. I'm amazed by how many things he understands.
Music and musical instruments are his favorite toys. He loves to dance and see other people dancing. He's grown out of many pairs of pants all of a sudden in the last week. And oh yeah, he has some hair!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aspiring Fireman

Noah doesn't quite appreciate it yet, but I bet in a few years he'll be pretty excited to have a fire captain for a grandpa. We got to go on an insider's tour of the new and improved Amarillo fire station with Dennis. Noah even got to sit in a fire engine and watch another one leave the station with its siren blaring.

Maybe when he's ready to learn to drive we'll send him over to learn on one of these...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breakfast is better in Texas

Actually, it would probably be more acurate to say simply that breakfast is better at my Gram's house. But, that happens to be in Tyler, Texas now so this was the best Texas shaped waffle I have ever eaten. Homemade biscuits with jam the next morning weren't too shabby either.

My grandma is a wonderful cook. We had my all-time favorite dishes that she makes while we were there this time also. A briscuit one night, and pasta primavera with wagon wheel pasta another. Oh boy would I be having a hard time fitting into my pants if I lived there!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dripping Springs Wedding

I'm way behind on posting. Chris needed to bring his computer on this trip, so my trusty macbook was left at home. I rarely have the drive to try to post on any other computer. Anyway... We're having a wonderful time in Texas this week. I have several posts, but I'll start with this one from last Saturday. Chris' little sister, Amy, got married outside of Austin in a little town called dripping springs (actually, outside of dripping springs in the middle of nowhere) at a beautiful ranch called Vista West. It was cold and windy the day of the wedding so the outdoor plans we rearranged. It turned out beautiful anyway.

Noah loved the beautiful flowers. The thistles were my favorite, but I love how colorful they were.

The cakes were all arranged on tree stumps for a rustic, yet elegant presentation.

I love the idea of having sparklers instead of rice (or birdseed, or whatever).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home on the Range

We're headed to Texas tomorrow (on a 5:20 AM flight... ouch). Chris' little sister Amy is getting married on Saturday and we're very excited to be at the wedding and have a little vacation. We'll be gone for about a week. Noah must be able to sense that we'll be in Texas soon, because he's developed a love for this little jack-in-the-box. It plays Home on the Range until you hear the sound of a horse, and then a horse pops out without the jarring adrenaline rush of a traditional jack-in-the-box. My grandma gave it to Noah when he was just teeny, but he finally appreciates it. He hasn't really figured out how to turn the handle, but he does like to chew on it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Botanical Breakfast Date

Spring fever must have us in it's clutches, because we broke away from our Saturday routine this morning and went somewhere other than Epic. We tried a place Called Frank's and Francisco's. It's something of a Tucson fixture, and mmm, it was greasy deliciousness. It's just down the street from the Tucson Botanical Garden, so after breakfast we headed over to see the beginnings of spring.

Something new this week: Noah pulls himself up! (He didn't pull himself up onto this chair, but you can see how sturdy he is).

This wall is one of our favorites. Big fruit shaped tiles with water trickling down over them. When the weather gets warmer I bet we'll be spending some time here.

This afternoon Noah and I went to a paper flower making party (which everyone agreed felt a little more like a sweatshop by the end). We were trying to make at least 250 flowers to decorate Louisa and Sean's upcoming welcome home wedding party. We also got to sample some cupcakes. Don't they look pretty?

Sunday, March 7, 2010


This Kazoo is a favorite toy in our house at the moment. Noah is getting good at making the funny noises himself, but what he really enjoys is holding it up for me to blow into. It makes him giggle every time.

We have some new teeth coming in around here. It makes for some painful days for this little one. Hopefully they'll break through soon.

Notice the teething biscuit held like a cigar in the last one. Plus, I promised I show you the little curls that are starting to show up on the back of Noah's head. He's grown quite a bit more hair in the past month or two.

I love this new little habit. The tongue sticking out is a sign of intense concentration. Eating peas is serious business.

We went for a play day at a friend's house last week. Noah enjoyed playing with his little friend Scarlett, especially kicking their feet in the rocks beside the pool. We'll be playing with these friends a lot this summer I bet!

Spring Comes to Tucson

Although most parts of the country are just starting to feel the first little hints of spring weather, we tusconans are scrambling to enjoy the spring weather before it melts (or actually, until we melt) into the nineties and then the one hundreds. Our spring is early and we have to take advantage of it. We took this little hike one afternoon last week. It was Noah's first time to try out the frame pack. He liked being up high and having the panoramic view.

We reached the car just after sunset. Noah didn't appreciate the springtime wind gusting in his face, but Chris and I sure enjoyed the lush feel of the desert this time of year, and just being outside to spend a precious hour together.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Down the Hill

Some of you might think I should pretend it isn't true (it might not fit with my image, after all), but I'll admit it. We love going to Ikea. It's one of the highlights of almost every single trip we make from Flagstaff back to Tucson. We even love the Swedish meatballs and lingonberry sauce plate from the little Ikean cafeteria. Noah enjoyed some applesauce and people-watching. He seems to enjoy colorful places and crowds.

We found a few things, including a little lime green potty (you will be seeing photos of it, I'm sure). It's early of course, but it was so cute. Why not let him get used to it now, right? This evening I sat Noah on it before his bath and guess what? He peed in it! I'm sure he didn't even realize it, but he did like that I clapped for him. Isn't it funny what you can get excited about when you spend all day talking to a nine month old?

Noah continues to be a wonderful road-tripper. He is infatuated with cheerios. The sound of a voice on an audio book seems to sooth him enough to make him sleep almost the whole way.

Notice the pacifier held safely in his right hand, just in case.