Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today was a wonderful day. There's nothing like having a fussy baby for a while to make you appreciate a mellow day.

As you can see, we're in need of some childproofing around here. We have a little one who's discovered his own ability to move from here to there. I'd give him a week or two before he gets into a fast crawl and we feel like a tornado hit us. While we've been trying to get the house ready for months now (not having an early crawler is definitely a blessing for this household), we still can't quite seem to keep things like computer cords, photo frames, and who knows what else, from accumulating on the floor. We need a lesson in simplifying our lives. How is it possible that we have so much in stuff in this house? Where did it all come from? What is it? And why, despite the weekly carload of stuff we take to savers, does it seem so difficult to make a dent in it?

Noah was in a wonderfully sweet mood today. And, as you can imagine, SO WAS I! I almost forgot that it could be fun and relaxing to be home with a little one for several hours all by myself. We hung out diapers, chased the cat around the yard, and got even more mileage out of these amazing stacking cups. At one point, Noah was so happy to be outside that he would clap his hands every time we walked out the door, and cry every time we walked in. The lack of language doesn't keep him from expressing his very strong desires. There are certainly worse things you could want than fresh air and a little walk in the sun.

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natasha said...

So cool that Noah's crawling now! And I love that new play rug with roads...kinda jealous actually! ;)