Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh happy day

Finally a happy little boy again for the last couple of days.

Yesterday we traveled all the way to renaissance Europe (or at least, to somewhere outside Phoenix where there are a lot of people dressed up and using fake british accents). Dennis and Lisa treated us to a wonderful day at the renaissance festival. Noah loved all the people and music. I loved the caramel apples, the fact that is was not even a little bit crowded, and the company.

This year was the most fun I've had at a renaissance festival so far. I love this barrette (which also works as a hat ornament) that Dennis and Lisa bought for me. We all ended up wishing we could have spent all our money to dress up in full renaissance garb. Overcoming our desires for pirate coats and flowery corsets, we all agreed to dust off our sewing machines and show up in something much better than jeans and sweatshirts next year.

Dennis and I were matching with our green feathers. Chris turned out to be a surprisingly good archer. The rest of us would not have faired well in a competition against robin hood.

Noah was not too sure about switching to a new, larger hat. His head will have to grow a little bit to keep this one from falling down over his eyes.


Chris said...

Robin Hood ain't got nuthin' on me!

Louisa said...

I love your red barrette! It's gorgeous.