Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowy Day

You thought I was going to say it snowed in Tucson, didn't you? Nope, it was in the seventies when we left for Flagstaff yesterday afternoon. But here we are. The snow left in my mom's backyard (after a lot of melting) looks like close to 4 feet still. We had some fun this morning sledding around the yard (well, Chris, my mom, Ron and I had fun. Noah did not think sledding was fun. Maybe next time).

Noah thought sitting in the window and watching the pigeons and finches play in the snow was a better way to appreciate it.

It was a little bit hard to leave our new kitchen behind for the weekend, but lasagna when we arrived, pancakes this morning and turkey soup for lunch made it more than worth it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I had some trouble getting these in focus. He moves fast!

Those little teeth aren't hard to see anymore. There are some more coming...

Picking up veggies and maneuvering them to the mouth is a new skill. I bet you don't think very often about how much hand-eye coordination that takes.

I forgot the stats!

For the 9 month post, that is.

19 lbs, 8oz
29 inches tall

And growing!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

9 Months (Yesterday)

Three quarters of a year old. My boy was looking bigger to me today. His "well baby" visit to the pediatrician did not feel like a well baby visit. Sick again, or still. Poor little guy. He's probably forgotten what it feels like not to have a stuffy, runny nose. I think we're turning a corner though, since I got some useful advice from Melissa. Keep your fingers crossed for us breaking free of this cycle of ear infections.

On a positive note, the ladies at daycare have still commented repeatedly on what a sweet-natured, mellow little boy Noah is. He's easy to love with that flirty little smile, clapping hands, and his most recent, the superstar. Arms raised high above his head with a big grin.

Milestones for this month:

- Almost, almost, almost crawling... so close. He is certainly not having trouble inch-worming his way across the living room.

- Mastering the "NO" headshake. This gesture used to be something fun, but it didn't take long to learn just what it means. An unmistakable way to communicate what he wants.

- Moving from sitting (which is a cinch) to crawling.

- Understanding so much more about the world. Putting a hat on his head. Showing me his hand when I say "let's wash our hands." And so on.

- Saying dada very consistently. Almost saying mama (apparently, these sounds are harder to make. Also, Mama is an easy one to communicate :)

- Deciding that being attached to mama is a priority. Strangers are strange.

- Clapping his hands when anyone says "yeah!" or anytime he's excited.

- walking while holding someone's hands. The most fun thing to do (for baby, not for our backs...)

- Millions more. Some probably overshadowed by excessive snot, fevers, and fussing.

I don't have a photo for today. I'll try to have two tomorrow. I want to catch the way his reddish hair is starting to get tiny curls in the back. The way it's long enough to stick up on top. The way he understands me so much more than I expect. How much I love him. These will all be in a photo tomorrow.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A New Kitchen...

Well, it feels like a new kitchen anyway. There are still a few finishing touches to be done, but can you believe how fast it came together? My dad is amazing at this sort of thing (I think). The amount of counter space feels like it has more than doubled. And the dishwasher... oh, how my life is going to get easier. And cleaner.

We love the new double-chambered sink. I'll have to start doing some baking.
Last night we discovered the while Noah is not a huge fan of avocado so far (we're working on it), he seems to love guacamole. Didn't mind the spice at all. In fact, he liked it so much that it got my dad on his good side for a while :)

Off topic, but also exciting: A few minutes ago I was sitting in the apartment with Noah while my dad and Chris were sawing in the house. Noah picked up my dad's hat and after turning it around a few times, put it on his head! I was surprised he even recognized what it was. He even managed to get it on the right direction. What a smart boy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Musical Memory

There are few things in the world that are as much of a joy and comfort to me than sitting and listening to my dad play the guitar and sing. Having him here, along with his best friend of more than 30 years, Vincent (also the father of two of my closest friends), brings back memories of the feeling of falling asleep listening to their music. Or sitting around a fire watching them play with a whole group of people singing and playing. Watching Noah sit mesmerized by it is exciting. I'm so grateful that he gets the chance to sit and listen.

Plus, here is a sneak preview of what we're doing around here this week...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was working on this post yesterday, but Noah didn't quite let me finish. We had a sick, sick, sick all day Valentine's day. Even Chris succumbed to this ferocious daycare bug. We did get to pick my dad up though, and we had a great day today. We have big plans for the week. You'll have to wait and see.

Noah enjoyed his first experience of Valentine's day when this large red envelope from Gram and Bill arrived in the mail on Saturday. Usually Chris checks the mail, but on a little trip outside I took Noah to the mailbox and this was inside. He carried it all the way into the house and wouldn't let it go. The envelope was the most exciting part. Sadly, I had to take it away before it disintegrated into his slobbery little mouth.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today was a wonderful day. There's nothing like having a fussy baby for a while to make you appreciate a mellow day.

As you can see, we're in need of some childproofing around here. We have a little one who's discovered his own ability to move from here to there. I'd give him a week or two before he gets into a fast crawl and we feel like a tornado hit us. While we've been trying to get the house ready for months now (not having an early crawler is definitely a blessing for this household), we still can't quite seem to keep things like computer cords, photo frames, and who knows what else, from accumulating on the floor. We need a lesson in simplifying our lives. How is it possible that we have so much in stuff in this house? Where did it all come from? What is it? And why, despite the weekly carload of stuff we take to savers, does it seem so difficult to make a dent in it?

Noah was in a wonderfully sweet mood today. And, as you can imagine, SO WAS I! I almost forgot that it could be fun and relaxing to be home with a little one for several hours all by myself. We hung out diapers, chased the cat around the yard, and got even more mileage out of these amazing stacking cups. At one point, Noah was so happy to be outside that he would clap his hands every time we walked out the door, and cry every time we walked in. The lack of language doesn't keep him from expressing his very strong desires. There are certainly worse things you could want than fresh air and a little walk in the sun.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh happy day

Finally a happy little boy again for the last couple of days.

Yesterday we traveled all the way to renaissance Europe (or at least, to somewhere outside Phoenix where there are a lot of people dressed up and using fake british accents). Dennis and Lisa treated us to a wonderful day at the renaissance festival. Noah loved all the people and music. I loved the caramel apples, the fact that is was not even a little bit crowded, and the company.

This year was the most fun I've had at a renaissance festival so far. I love this barrette (which also works as a hat ornament) that Dennis and Lisa bought for me. We all ended up wishing we could have spent all our money to dress up in full renaissance garb. Overcoming our desires for pirate coats and flowery corsets, we all agreed to dust off our sewing machines and show up in something much better than jeans and sweatshirts next year.

Dennis and I were matching with our green feathers. Chris turned out to be a surprisingly good archer. The rest of us would not have faired well in a competition against robin hood.

Noah was not too sure about switching to a new, larger hat. His head will have to grow a little bit to keep this one from falling down over his eyes.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

One Fussy Week

I realize that I haven't blogged for a whole week. Here's why:

Last Saturday and Sunday Noah started having a fever on and off. On top of his runny nose, teething, and gas he decided that things just weren't going okay and on Sunday he had the fussiest day of his life thus far.

Monday I called the doctor because he'd had another 102 fever during the night (during which I don't think I slept for more than an hour or two, total). We went in to see the doctor half an hour later (for the second time in two weeks). There was fluid in his ears, but nothing major. "Other than that," she said, "maybe he just feels like crap." I know I did. I called my mom crying. "What do I do? He's been crying all day for three days and I can't put him down even for a second." So my wonderful mother drove down from Flagstaff (she had been down visiting less than a week ago) to help me.

Tuesday my mom babysat while I went to work. I worked for a whole six hours, which is a very long time for me at this point in my life. I went home and although Noah had been feeling better all day, he decided that it was not okay that I'd left for so long, and he cried for most of the rest of the evening.

Wednesday I don't remember what happened. I think we stopped by the new daycare for a little while, and then I worked for some hours, and Noah fussed but was feeling quite a bit better. I enjoyed having my mom around.

Thursday was the first day of the new daycare. I think it went well. Noah seemed to be in good spirits when I picked him up, but it added to his clingyness. Dennis and Lisa arrived Thursday afternoon and we grilled some steaks. The weather was beautiful and we rejoiced in the fact that at this particular time of year, Tucson feels like a very wonderful place to live.

Friday Dennis and Lisa babysat while I worked in the morning. I met them at the mall and we went shopping for something for three little 8-10 month old boys to wear in Chris' sister Amy's wedding next month. Afterwards we went to dinner at the cheesecake factory. It was the first night it opened, and mmm. It was delicious. I needed the evening to unwind and Noah was distracted enough by the energy of the packed restaurant to take a break from his fussing and howling. (At this point the fussing has much more to do with wanting mama to hold him at all times than with not feeling good.)

Today we went to Epic of course. I wanted to take a shower beforehand but Noah wouldn't let me go, even to be with Chris at that moment, so he sat in his tub and read curious George.

Afterwards, more running around town looking for things to wear to the wedding. I did not find a dress, but Dennis and Chris found some nice shirts. And now, it's 9pm and Noah has been asleep for a few hours (unusual in the past few weeks) and I'm finally here. I think now you're all caught up (that is, if you made it this far through my whiny representation of the week...). We finally saw some smiles today, which makes even the worst day worth it. And walking seems to be the best thing ever.