Sunday, January 24, 2010

Riverview Blvd

Our street is called Riverview Blvd. It often sounds like a joke, but every once in a while when there's enough rain we get to see a river running just a short little walk from our house.
We enjoyed some rain this week, and some incredible clouds and a running river afterwards. These photos are from yesterday morning and evening. Every time the santa cruz river runs like this we think, 'ahh, how nice would our house be if this river ran so close to it all the time?!'

I love the photo of Noah and I (above). It's like a little window into something special.

The sunset with snow on the Catalinas.

Earlier that day it looked like this. Not exactly what you think you'll see in Tucson is it? We wandered down to the riverpark. Noah slept cozily inside Chris' jacket in the ergo, and we enjoyed the view.

This morning I got to sleep in for an extra half hour all by myself. It might not sound exciting if you don't have a little one, but... oh my. I have a very nice husband. When I got up I was greeting by a little elf who had folded all of the laundry (well, most of the laundry).


natasha said...

That picture of you and Noah is so sweet! So much love!!! Hopefully we'll have a few more big rainstorms so you'll get to live next to a flowing river a while longer. xo

Patti said...

There was not a drop of water in that river 3 weeks ago. You said a big rain and look what happened! Love the pictures.

Amy said...

That is certainly a frameable mama photo there. I love it. And Noah looks so grown up!