Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photo lull

I don't have any new photos at the moment. It think it's because this has been such a busy and stressful week. I'm supposed to start work on Friday. A new job that (don't tell my boss) I'm not truly qualified for. This is what makes it a great opportunity for me, but also part of what makes it a little bit scary. Another thing that makes it scary is thinking about leaving my sweet baby with anyone else for any period of time. I know it's good for his socializing, it's good for me to have time away, he'll be okay, we have to be away from each other someday anyway.... and the list goes on. It's still so hard though.
On the bright side, there is finally a mom and baby yoga class in Tucson! I sure needed it today.
I'll try to get at least one good photo tomorrow :)

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Xochi Mama said...

Hope your day went well today! How was it?