Thursday, January 21, 2010

8 Months

This morning at day care the woman who takes care of Noah asked if they should start feeding him table food. What?! Give my tiny baby table food? I can't believe he's already old enough to start trying to pick up and 'chew' little pieces of food.

Some new things this month:

- First teeth! Those two little bottom ones that you can see above

- clapping his hands, especially if someone shows excitement or says "yeah!"

- saying "Dada" consistently; "Hi" often, and waving to people, especially strangers; and saying "Mama" a few times!

- Sitting without any assistance without falling

- Getting closer and closer to crawling, although he seems more interested in learning to walk

- First real cold, fever, cough, ear infection, and anti-biotics. Yuck.

There must be hundreds of other little things, but I don't know what's actually from this month anymore. Today Noah and I picked Chris up from work. As soon as Chris opened the back door, Noah said, "Dada!" He really has that word down. He loves the cat, but isn't sure about dogs. We'll have to meet some more of them. We're looking forward to some more visits from Grandparents in the next couple of months, but I sure wish they all lived a lot closer.

On Sunday we went for a little hike at sweetwater with Steve and Tasha. Noah isn't posing as readily for the camera anymore, but he enjoyed the hike.


natasha said...

Happy 8 months, little Noah! And I absolutely adore that little red knit sweater. Makes him look so distinguished! :)

Chris said...

I love this 8 month old. Much more than I would love 8 month old other things, like underwear, oil changes, or frozen leftovers!

But I also love the past and future versions of our little one too.

glo said...

Such sweet pictures - amazing changes. Can't wait to smooch those baby cheeks!