Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yum yum

Bananas mixed with rice cereal. Mmm. Noah has decided that he loves all food. It took a little while to get used to the new flavors and textures, but he's sold. Now, every time I give him a bite he chomps down on the spoo with his arms out at the sides and says, "mmm mmmm mmm."

Hopefully this means he'll be a non-picky eater like his mama was (and still is) and not a bread and cheese-a-terian like his daddy (who now eats most things, luckily!).

We were all set to head up to Flagstaff this weekend and see the three feet of snow that fell this week, but alas, there's more snow coming and my mom has a cold. All signs point to a weekend in Tucson. Noah's first experience of snow will have to be postponed for a little while. I guess it will be more sunny walks to the playground for us...

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Patti said...

Chris was very picky until camping with Scouts and it was starve or eat what they cooked for the weekend. He's even better now!