Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Not that making baby food is really all that difficult, but I finally did some nice sized batches of squash, carrots, and yams! It turned out really well so far. We'll see how it comes out of the freezer.

I thought the acorn squash was the best tasting. I'll have to make some peas soon though, because they seem to be Noah's current favorite. They get the most enthusiastic yummy sounds anyway.
I'm getting a little bit better at getting my work done, getting the everyday chores done, keeping Noah fed, entertained, and happy, and having time to do a few other things like this baby food project, which feels really good. Plus, I think this was a few dollars worth of few that I could have paid twenty dollars for in pre-packaged jars. (For the record, I do appreciate the jars though. Sometimes easy is the most important thing).
Starting in January I'll be back at work for about twenty hours a week. The job is a great opportunity. I'll be a project manager. And my benefits will include coverage of Chris' tuition. I certainly can't turn my nose up at that. It's going to be a little bit of an adjustment for us though. I haven't really been away from Noah for more than a couple of hours. He loves being around people though, so I think he'll get used to the change. The good thing about it will be transitioning to getting my work done in my office (I will have an office on the first floor with a window, moving out of the basement!), and when I get home I'll be home, not trying to work.

As I write this our whole house is feeling a little bit like there are tiny earthquakes because they're tearing down the little old house next door. It looks like a major construction site out there!


Patti said...

Have fun at work. It will be an adjustment, but overall a good social time for Noah - and you. See you in 2 weeks. Love ya,

Tyson&Cheryl said...

Save some of your recipes for us!