Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sandy Toes

Noah's first ever trip to the beach! We ate lunch at a fancy restaurant overlooking the ocean up on the Santa Cruz cliffs. Afterwards we all walked down a little path to the beach. It was a chilly day, but Chris let Noah stick his little toes into the surf anyway. He loved it and laughed. After tw waves though, his toes thoroughly chilled, he cried for a warm fleece jacket and a nice uncle to carry him.

Once his toes were warmed up, we brushed the sand off his feet and snuggled him back into the ergo for the trip back up the hill. It was the only day we spent on the beach (although we did go down to the wharf another day - a later post...).

I'm way behind on blogging all the photos I took in Santa Cruz so I'll be catching up for the next couple of days. Also, I missed a 7 month post for Noah. He's rolling around the house now, but not crawling yet. He's also the sweetest, happiest baby I could imagine. My grandpa said he was the best behaved baby he'd ever seen (in his 92 years!).

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Amy said...

What beautiful pictures, again! I love the one of you two.