Sunday, December 6, 2009

The real Santa?

Yesterday Noah met Santa... twice! His first time ever to see Santa Claus, and there were two in one day. Hmm, how could there be two that don't look quite the same? The first one was at Bookmans.

Noah sat on his lap, pulled his beard and cried with a very pouty lip, "This isn't the real Santa!"

Later in the evening we met our friends Cheryl and Tyson to see Luminaria nights at the Tucson Botanical Garden. We wandered around through the garden pathways looking at the Christmas lights and luminarias.

Noah stayed awake and didn't fuss at all. Another Santa sat beside a Christmas tree somewhere in the middle of the garden. I sat Noah on his lap, waiting for the same reaction.

Noah looked at his eyes, his white beard, his suit made of red velvet, and his black boots. "This must be the real Santa." he decided. I agreed.


JoAnne said...

You must like that real beard like your Granddaddy has!

Tyler Cohsyn said...

Hey Emery and Chris, You've inspired Cheryl and I to start a blog! So we now have one you again for inviting us out on Saturday, we had a great time. Noah is so damn cute! I hate to use the words well behaved, but very happy! I'm hoping ours will be as pleasant as your happy little guy :) At any rate, thanks again, and although Cherl may see/speak to you before Christmas and New Years, I may not, therefore, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and if you want to pop that Apfelwien open for the New Year go right ahead, I have more conditioning now! Of course, you and Chris are always welcome to stop by, and maybe someday when life calms down you and Chris would be willing to stop by for a brewday? Well have a great holidays, and hopefuly we'll see you sooner than later!