Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Real Christmas Tree

We were going to be without a Christmas tree in favor of a Christmas branch this year (a favorite of my mom), but Gordon decided there was a little tree near his house that needed to be thinned anyway, so we got lucky. We all marched up the hill, saw in hand, and hauled it back. Obviously I was very proud of Noah for cutting it down all by himself :).

Our cute little tree turned out to be a little bigger than we thought once it was inside, but the top made a cute little extra tree out on the porch.


glo said...

So fun to see all your beautiful pictures!

emery_rose said...

gordon and i viewed your trip here and relived noah and family's adventure at the redwood home. we sure enjoyed a real holiday with your joyful baby boy, and entourage. he was the star of the show and a real sparkler in the four generation celebration.

we will always remember his first christmas here with us and know he has many other relatives eager to share his company and progress in growing up.

you and chris are wonderful parents!!!

emery_rose said...

Thanks Deborah! We enjoyed seeing you guys.