Monday, December 14, 2009

Little gifts, a Special Giraffe, and Baby food

There are some little presents under our tree! The first one that arrived was from Noah's step-great-grandma Lillian (gold ribbon) and the other one is for Chris from one of his middle school students. A few more have arrived since I took this picture from my grandma (Gram, or G.G. 'Great Gram'). The gifts for Chris and I are now under the tree, but I couldn't wait to open the gift for Noah. It was something I asked for, a rubber squeaky chew toy called Sophie the Giraffe.

Noah LOVES her. He can hold on easily to her neck and legs, and there are lots of things to chew on. He can make the squeaky noise himself also, which is exciting. If you're looking for a gift for a baby on your list, Sophie is a great choice. She's made out of natural rubber too! Thanks Gram!!

We've been spending some time in the kitchen today, finally getting around to a big batch of baby food for the freezer. I am feeding him some of the jars of baby food too, but that's going to get expensive really quick.

Today we're making some carrots, sweet potatoes, and acorn squash. Each one should fill an ice cube tray. The trays have lids especially for freezing baby food. I'll try to get some photos and an update on how it worked.


JoAnne said...

Noah: I'm so glad you like your giraffe! You look so much like your Daddy in the Yum Yum blog!

natasha said...

Precious! Noah is so sweet with his new little giraffe!