Thursday, December 3, 2009


These photos makes me think of the word joy. Just being so happy that you can't contain that huge smile. Things that make me happy lately:

Noah's undisguised love for his daddy.

The fact that he poses for the camera; not just smiling when I make funny faces, but foiling my attempts to get a candid shot of him loving his new sippy cup by dropping it, holding his arms out, and grinning.

The fact that our new adjusted schedule (Vermont is two hours earlier) has made it possible for me to get to all my work, the dishes, yummy homemade dinners, and trips to the playground every day this week.

Having Chris at home tonight to eat lasagna and watch a movie.

Two nights in a row of my little one lying in his crib while I pat his belly and he drifts off to sleep within a few minutes. Tonight without even a cry. (Thank you Melissa for the wonderful baby sleeptime advice ;)

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glo said...

What a precious post - Thanks