Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Apple pie from SCRATCH

Apples from the orchard just outside. Whole wheat pastry flour. Butter. Butter. Butter. Cranberries. Sugar. Mmm.

Gordon has this machine to peel and core apples all at once. Chris operated it, but it was a little like watching John Henry and the steam engine.

My mom made the crust with whole wheat flour. We thought it would be dry, but it turned out perfect.

Everyone in the house that day had a hand in making the pie. It was a fun family Christmas activity. We all enjoyed eating the pies for the next couple of days as well.
A wonderful memory of Noah's first Christmas was a spontaneous moment of singing Christmas carols all together. We knew all the words to very few of them, but the made-up lyrics and humming was just as good, if not better. Noah was mesmerized by the singing.

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Chris said...

Now That was tasty pie!