Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wayward Uncle

My youngest brother Gaelen made it to Tucson the other day. He's something of a drifter at the moment, coming from Hawaii and who knows where he's headed. He's great with Noah, and a beautiful guitar player and singer. It's nice to have him around for a little while, and I'm excited for Noah to know both of his uncles as a baby.

The title of the post, wayward (def: following one's own inclinations, ungovernable) came from Gaelen's mom's message on my phone the other day that she was trying to get ahold of her wayward son. It makes me look at Noah as a whole new kind of being. And also, makes me think about Gaelen as a baby and how his mother probably thought she could be so close to him forever.

His twenty-year-old idealism and quest for truth is already challenging some of my comfortable existence, which is good for me. It brings back some of the ideals I had at his age that have been conveniently ignored in the interest of ease in the world. At the same time that it makes me miss the confidence and freedom I felt when I traveled alone in exotic places, the lifestyle of a young drifter certainly makes me appreciate home and and my nice little life.


Jed said...

Only the stupidity of youth can truly prepare us for the staggering wisdom of age. My students were born AFTER I graduated High School. (I kept that barrier in my head as some sort of safety, and it's gone now.) They know everything about everything I know nothing about... I feel like I'm in the weird dip in life where I know nothing, and am unashamed of admitting so. Idealism made me tired. Ignorance is, like... really good. There's a saying in there somewhere.

emery_rose said...

Ignorance does feel good sometimes, and idealism can definitely be exhausting. Totally. Very well put.

Chris said...

What? Where am I? Am I being too ignorant?

isness said...

People grow old only by deserting their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul.