Friday, November 13, 2009

Snot-nosed little kid

We had a little bit of a sleepless night last night. My little one has his first real snotty nose, coughing cold. He had a little bit of a fever too, and woke up a lot. Having a stuffy nose is even worse when you have to breathe through your nose to be able to eat. Poor baby.

We had a fun day today though. A little more social than normal for a snotty day (although the snot cleared up pretty early in the morning). We ate lunch with Tasha at a cute little cafe in the Lost Barrio called Tooley's. It was nice to sit out on the patio even though it was a little breezy today.

Later Noah helped me frost some cupcakes for Maya's birthday. I made cream cheese frosting (my favorite) and had some left over so I mixed some cocoa powder in and piped in into this cute little message.

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Amy said...

I might have to borrow the cupcake message idea for June's birthday. I hope Noah is better today.