Monday, November 30, 2009

Just the two of us

Well, the vacation is over. Chris is back at work and going to class tonight so it's been Noah and I together all day. We had a fun day, but it's a little boring for both of us by around 5:00. I tried to stretch out dinner (chili mac with tuna for me, and carrots with rice for Noah) and bathtime, but my sleepy little boy went to bed before 6:30. Looks like another early morning for me tomorrow.

We saw a lot of changes this week. We have a sitter! He also rolls onto his tummy with ease, and pushes up with his arms. (by the way, I don't think he says 'hi' in this one)

Here is the video from yesterday of Melissa teaching Noah to do flips.

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Nancy Geesey said...

Wow...sitting and flips!!! Glad you had fun in Vermont. It sure looks pretty there! We had a great time in Oregon with Jennifer, James, Beck and Linnea. Today is Beck's 4th birthday. We were happy to see the progress on our Oregon's looking great! We had a nice long phone visit with Gordon yesterday. Wish we could be with you all in Santa Cruz this month. We're heading over to the Big Island on the 11th. It would be great if we could connect with Colin!!!! Love you!