Thursday, November 19, 2009

I love my mom

This evening we went out without Noah for the first time. It was a little party for Steve's birthday, and my mom and Gaelen stayed home to babysit. I guess it went alright. My mom bounced him and carried him and Gaelen serenaded him with the guitar.
It was really great to have my mom here taking care of us, doing the dishes, cooking, buying us groceries and snacks from trader joe's, and babysitting her favorite grandchild.
So, I decided to say that I love my mom (actually, she was helping me write this post and she said that's what I should say). Also, Noah loves his mom. He also loved riding around in the cart with my mom at trader joe's and helping her check her list.

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Juliana said...

Hi buddy-
I love Noah's mom too!
Hope you made it to Vermont a-okay!
WOW... your first night date. That is big! Was it fun or were you thinking about Noah? I think that's what I would have been doing. Ayyy ay ayyyyy.
Anyways, I LOVE YOUR blog. I love seeing pictures of Noah, nature, food, etc.etc. I check your blog ALL the time.
See you soon.