Saturday, November 28, 2009

For Yesterday

These red berries were outside of the Mountain Greens natural foods market, just down the street from my dad's house. They make the otherwise bare bushes look so festive. Everything about being here makes it easy to be in the holiday spirit. Christmas music fits better here somehow. I'm really not ready to go home tomorrow.

There was one little thing that I realized that I didn't put into the six month post that I wanted to share. You may not believe me, but I wanted to remember this one...
Noah waves and says "hi". Seriously.
He's the friendliest little baby, with a big smile for everyone who says hello to him. He's happy most of the time, and last night even though he was so tired he could barely keep himself together, getting his diaper changed and jammies on, Melissa commented that he was still trying to stay happy. Laughing even though he clearly was ready to be done with everything and tucked up in bed.


JoAnne said...

"Hi" Noah, I'm so proud of you!

RainCreosote said...

Omg, he talks?!