Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby pants marathon!

I found it! ... The time to use the sewing machine, that is. And once I started I just couldn't stop. I wanted to make a pair of T-shirt pants for a friend's little girl who is turning one year old. I found a cool tie-dyed shirt and made them late last night after Noah and Chris went to sleep.

(By the way, I think that's what those other moms do. I figured it out. They just don't sleep). I did sleep though, don't worry. Anyway...
This morning I was inspired to make Noah the fleece pants I've been planning to make for our trip to Vermont. The idea was from the same wonderful website They're made out of the sleeves of an old fleece sweatshirt so I didn't have to do the leg cuffs myself, which made them soooo easy.

They were so fast and turned out so cute that I made these wool ones too. Same idea, from the arms of an old sweater.

Whew! A day of pants. Noah was entertained by his uncle Gaelen, and tried to dress a little more like him. (Just kidding, this cute little Che shirt was a gift from Tasha several months ago :)
They sure look cute though, don't they?


glo said...

Great pants! I am impressed.

Patti said...

The pictures are great as usual, but I just love your comments. They keep me smiling. I agree with your mom, the pants look great!