Sunday, November 8, 2009

All Souls Procession 2009

Chris, Gaelen, Noah and I headed down to 4th avenue this evening for the All Souls Procession. The procession is to remember people who have passed away, and to burn a giant urn filled with messages to the dead (amidst a very elaborate show at the end of the parade). I made just a few paper flowers this year to decorate the baby carrier and I wore some of my Nana's necklaces to remember her.

Chris painted his face in the tradition of the parade.

We and hundreds (if not thousands) of other people marched down the street to the sound of drums and music. Noah was enthralled with all the lights and costumes, and did much better than I expected him to. He lasted until the end without much complaint, and slept all the way home. Overall, a very fun Sunday evening.


glo said...

Beautiful pictures! What did Noah think of his Daddy's scary face?

emery_rose said...

Surprisingly, Noah didn't seem to think anything of the skeleton face at all. I guess he's too little to really care what color his daddy's face is :)

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