Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekend Bisbee Adventure: Part II

On Sunday we started the day with a waffle breakfast to celebrate Juliana's dad, Tom's birthday. The waffles were delicious, especially with all these delicious fixins.

Noah enjoyed himself too. He made friends with Juliana's nephew.

And of course you are all familiar with how Noah likes to express his friendship with a baby friend.

In the afternoon we got a little tour of some of their friends up and coming little artisan chocolate shop/factory. Yum. We tasted chocolate from a few different regions, and saw what the chocolate looks like when it crystallizes without the proper processing. Not to worry though, this can be reheated and it can recrystallize to be just right.

And, as requested, I'm trying to post more photos of me and Noah together. Here is one of Noah in his jammies before Chris went to the concert on Sunday evening. I got to stay home and be mommy, which is just fine with me :)


bloomers said...

Love the updates Emery! He has had so many adventures in his little life already! :)

Amy said...

I can see some of your mom in you in this picture.