Friday, October 16, 2009

Sunset Walks in the COOL Weather

Finally we can go outside and enjoy these beautiful sunsets. I've had a couple of requests for more photos of me so I'm trying to get out from behind the camera and let Chris get a few. Apparently he's better at it too, since I didn't get this billboard sticking out of my ear :)

Noah has been spending a lot of time with his uncle Colin lately (which is great for me). This must be his influence though...

Man, I love this little boy.


Patti said...

I could make a really "sad" bad comment about the ear and size and the billboard, but I'll just let you imagine what I could/would say. Sorry Chris, love ya! I'm happy to see you in some pictures too! Love ya, P

glo said...

Hah! What a cute picture of Noah in the hat - he's gonna miss his Uncle Colin