Friday, October 9, 2009

Little Bisbee Adventure

I love this photo. I love my little family, and the fact that someone stenciled 'Love' on a step. Bisbee is a great place for that kind of thing.

We made a quick little trip down to Bisbee this afternoon with Dennis and Lisa (unfortunately the trip was poorly timed as far as being able to see our friends who live there, but we had a great time so we'll be going back down soon). Wandering up and down the old stairs and through all the antique shops, marveling and the interesting yard art, pretty windows, and lovely flower gardens. It was a great day.

We had lunch at a little cafe that Chris and I loved when we went on our little honeymoon here. I think Noah loved it too, although he was a little jealous of our food.

We just discovered that he can sit in a highchair with a sweatshirt stuffed around him. It works so well. We can all eat and he still gets to sit at the table.

At least somebody must think Chris' jokes are funny.

A little aside: Monkey Lips

Not related to the Bisbee adventure, but a cute little thing I had to share. Noah must be cutting some teeth. I think this face is related to the pressure on his gums. Anyway, it's so cute, and he looks just like an adorable little Baboon.


Patti said...

You had me giggling. Especially the comment about the jokes. It must be hard trying to decide which pictures to post, but you do a great job and I love seeing them all. You do need to get Chris to take a few more of you and Noah though.

Amy said...

It is very hard to decide which photo I like best. But I think, the top one is classic/epic/frameable and the bottom two are just divine.

I agree with Patti - need to see pics of you too.