Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby sized T-shirt pants!

Chris and I decided that we couldn't wait any longer. It's getting cooler around here (down to mid-eighties, Brrrrrrr...), time to start wearing pants. Our ideas for clothers, costumes, and odds and ends were crowding out the rest of the thoughts in our brains, and we went out to buy a sewing machine. Finally. My first little tester project was a pair of baby pants made out of an old T-shirt (the pattern was from this wonderful website

They're a little rough, and the legs are a little wide and the crotch a little short, but for a first try they're not too bad. He's been wearing them all day.


Patti said...

Great job for a first try!!!!! It's 43 degrees here right now and I'm ready to start a fire in the fireplace.
Love ya,

Amy said...

That's so cool!

Chris said...

Now, my turn to make pants awaits! By the way, with me the error is in the bio unit. For you, I'm sure its just the machine!

glo said...

The pants are great! Nice work!