Sunday, September 20, 2009

We turn GREENer

I've been proselytizing about cloth diapers for a while now. I feel great about, and I've read that manufacturing plastic diapers takes twice as much water. But still, these diapers instruct you to do two full washes and an extra rinse. Saving water or not, in Tucson it is entirely too painful to watch all that precious water go straight down the drain. Especially considering that we have this scrawny, half-dead, pathetic looking cottonwood tree trying to grow just outside of our laundry room. So....

Voila! All the laundry water from the second wash and extra rinse, plus all the water from our regular laundry, can help this cottonwood tree and our desert willow thrive.

I don't feel so bad about the extra (and yes, necessary) rinse. Everybody wins! We even bought 'soap nuts', a plant-derived detergent substitute, and made our own liquid detergent out of them so there is no actual detergent going out onto these lovely trees.

Just you wait, pretty soon this Tucson yard is going to be a wetland paradise.

And of course, don't forget daddy's little eco-friendly helper in his Earth onesie.


alisha said...

You guys are amazing! It's inspiring, really, to see how much effort you both put into being good parents and conscientious citizens. Kudos!

Chris said...

We really are dorks, huh?

Amy said...

Well if Chris is right, you sure are COOL dorks.

I really think your solution is awesome. And Noah's half-smile makes me want to squeeze him.