Friday, September 18, 2009

Noah's room: A start

We're working on a room for Noah (who has a lot of stuff...). Since he's about to start rolling around, being put down on our bed for naps isn't going to work for much longer. I was worried about how he would react to the crib, surrounded by bars. He loves it. The soft mattress and sheepskin and lots of animals to keep him company.

We're working on organizing and making it a fun place for a little boy. Sadly, our pretty guest room is no longer. We still have the couch :)


natasha said...

The room looks great! What a lucky little boy Noah is.

Amy said...

That's exciting! And it looks so sweet and organized.

glo said...

I love that picture of Noah in his new crib!

JoAnne said...

I love all the photos - but the photo of Noah in his crib is going to be my new screen saver.
Love you all!