Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going Pro? Not just yet...

Yesterday evening while Chris was in class, Noah and I were having a nice relaxing evening together. He was getting tired and I was looking forward to a few hours of time to myself.

Since I'm getting pretty good at it (4 months experience you know), it was no problem to get his diaper on, and then put his little jammies on. "Oh, I'm getting so good at this," I thought smugly.

"Oh, but wait a minute. I forgot to put corn starch on his bottom." (Which is part of my oh-so-wonderfully well-thought-out routine).

The moment I opened the diaper it happened. Pee somehow completely bypassed the diaper and squirted all over the front of my shirt, all over the changing table and all over the wall. In the midst of my trying ineffectively to keep the pee contained I forgot that I had already opened the container of cornstarch. Noah expertly kicked it over and had it all over his legs and feet by the time I could even react. In less than a minute there was pee everywhere, cornstarch everywhere, and definitely a loss of the tranquil atmosphere I was going for.

So, I suppose incident probably sends me back to my amateur status. Better luck next time :)

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Xochi Mama said...

This is too funny. It reminded me of this past weekend when I thought Eva and I could take a quick bath before I got her down for a nap. She proceeded to poop in the tub-not once but twice. A lot of poop-enough to warrant a shower :)