Friday, September 11, 2009

Glo's Garden: Late summer

I took this one (below) back in June. The difference is pretty amazing.

Flagstaff isn't an easy place for gardening, as many of you know from personal experience. My mom has mastered it though, I think. Look at these leafy plants, and this corn!!

Over the weekend we went up to Flagstaff (which I already mentioned). We ate tons of veggies from the garden and played outside in the nice cool mountain air. Noah was looking a little old-man-ish with his pants pulled up and his tall socks :)


Amy said...

Ooh I bet that corn was good.

Noah looks adorable.

Patti said...

Beautiful garden. I was excited with my one little tomato that grew-but it was the first one I grew all by myself. It was delicious!
Noah does look like a little old man!
Love ya