Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunset picknik and a lightning show

Cabin fever starts to take over this time of year in Tucson. While most of the country is enjoying the summer weather outside, we're stuck inside avoiding temperatures close to 110. (Remember back in February when we were out hiking and everyone else was wishing summer would come...?).
Sooo, we decided at around 6 o'clock to head up the mountain for a sunset picknik in slightly cooler weather. It was beautiful. Much better than we expected. We ate curried chicken salad and watched Noah experience the wind and look at the pink clouds.

After it got dark we drove a little lower down to watch a lightning storm moving in and experimented with the camera. We got some interesting photos, and really enjoyed the show.

Here are just a couple extra photos from earlier. Noah seems to be into bugs so far. The things that have really captured his attention are: the beetle mobile; a little dragonfly toy that my aunt Jennifer gave him, and this book with shiny bugs in it.

And just so everyone knows who the boss is...


Amy said...

I love the lightning photos. And the boss. :)

natasha said...

The lightening photos are amazing!!! You have to tell me where you picnic-ed - it looks beautiful!

Patti said...

I love watching a lightning storm! Noah is so cute reading with Chris. You always take wonderful pictures. Love ya,