Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pretty Cakes and Sweet Little Babies

We had a little going away party for our good friends, Adam and Amy, yesterday evening. They're headed to Alaska this weekend, and we're really going to miss them. We've had a fun full house since they've been staying with us this week.
Tasha made this beautiful cake. Devil's food with a star-shaped sparkler on top (it was too fast and amazing to get a perfect photo, but I really liked this one of Adam and Amy and I with all the little ones in awe of the sparkling cake).

We've also been having lots of baby bouncer parties :)

At the party, Tasha quoted an elderly woman she met who said, "Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze."

Naturally, when Amy and I decided to eat apple pie for breakfast this morning it had to be with the cheese. Guess what? It really was tasty! (Yes, it's true that I have a history of liking just about anything smothered in melted cheese, but Amy liked it too).

Lastly, I have to mention that Chris started back to school today. A whole new batch of sixth graders, and some new eighth graders. We've been really missing him around the house. So much so that Noah is even interested in hearing about why exactly we need (and I mean NEED) the enormous stack of bike tires on the front porch (oh, there is also a sizable stack of them on the back porch).

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Amy said...

Thanks again for the party Emery. It was lovely. And that cake! Tasha is amazing.